Fashion mix seems to look simple but when it comes to getting started, many people feel that there is something wrong with it, or need to learn to match, a pair of patent leather high-heeled pointed shoes, so that her temperament is more prominent babydoll lingerie When shopping with girlfriends, you can use contrasting shades of light and teddy lingerie dark colors, which can also set off against leather lingerie each other, and also reflect their underbust corset different personality characteristics leather corset They are long hair fluttering and seem more fashionable. Only a special person will little white dress integrated into the fantasy world of the little black dress wave point, the woman who is eager for the vampire costume new to change. The white dots are born on the black background. This is a breakthrough in intrinsic thinking. This is proved by the irregular hem. Not to mention the type of , the knitting half body is definitely pirate costume the most practical clothes. The seemingly catwoman costume simple knitwear, coupled with the help of the polka dots, is obviously more lively and vivid. First of all, the most indispensable part of summer is a solid color T-shirt. When you don't know what to wear, just a pure T, and then wear a pair of jeans or leggings to wear the door, simple but not simple. Putting the hem of the top into the bottom not only makes the scale look better, but it is also very stylish. Don't underestimate the pure T, the simpler things give people the better the feeling. It’s just lazy gospel! Finally